One thing I know, I will never be in love again.—Francesca Hollins from p. 1, Pati Hill, “One Thing I Know”
Pati Hill
One Thing I Know

One Thing I Know is Pati Hill’s third novel, first published in 1962, when she was forty-one and had just given birth to her first and only child. It is the last novel she wrote before claiming to “quit writing in favor of housekeeping”.
Wolfgang Stoerchle
Success in Failure

Wolfgang Stoerchle: Success in Failure is the first monograph on the artist’s work, written by Alice Dusapin who has dedicated extensive research into his life and work since 2017
Bern Porter
The Last Acts of Saint Fuckyou

A poem first published in 1975 by Bern Porter, presented in alphabetical order, with the same number of acts for each letter

Daisy is an independent publishing house founded in 2021 by Alice Dusapin and Baptiste Pinteaux, both editors of the magazine octopus notes.

Dedicated to arts and literature, Daisy is driven by a taste for research led projects, pursued as much for sentimental reasons as for historical interest.

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